So I’ve been debating about writing this blog for a while. My husband (enter “the chiropractor”) suggested I write this blog after our son was born and several mommas started asking me for advice (which was weird–what did I have to offer them?!). There are a million mom-blogs: how to be a better housewife, how to love your kids more, how to teach your children to play creatively–but in the end, all of the blogs are really about you, as a mom. (Don’t get me wrong, I definitely subscribe to those blogs!) No hiding behind a blog here–this blog is about me. 

If I can help just one other person, my blog will be a success (and if nothing else, my kids will have something to look back on and giggle about). While “the chiropractor” was going through school and learning lots of things, he would bring them home to share. I thought he was crazy, and I just wanted someone else to say that they understood me, so here’s this blog. (I would later end up eating my words about “the chiropractor” being crazy)

There won’t be a post every day (get real! I’m a mom, wife, homemaker, employee, soon-to-be small business owner, and a handful of other things–who has time to blog daily?!), but there will be posts as I have time or as I learn new things.

So this is my journey from “normal” to a little “crunchy” (or “green” or “healthy” or maybe something else–I haven’t decided what labels to place on myself yet). I am healthier, my family is healthier, and I am learning and growing along the way.